Week in Review - Release Notes for Week Ending 3/27/2020

Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements, New third party patching support for WinMerge on Windows

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an error where a Policy’s status key was not displaying if it was 0 in the device details page
  • Fixed dropdown overflow and wrapping issues in the Activity Log tool
  • Removed “Release Date” column from a patch policy modal due to lack of clarity
  • Remediation or evaluation code on policies is now limited to 50,000 characters or fewer
  • Added validation that the customer has an advanced_filter when they try to create an advanced patch
  • Fixed a bug where the device details page would attempt to render non-existent devices.  Now, it will display a “Not Found” message instead of spinning forever.
  • IE11 hotfix for a syntax error that was preventing the reports page from rendering


  • Allow more refined filtering by Operating System on the devices page
  • Added new third party patching support for WinMerge on Windows