Install and Configure Automox Agent for Apple Silicon Devices

Beginning with Automox Agent 33, the agent can now patch macOS updates on Apple Silicon (M1) devices. On Apple Silicon (M1) devices only, the Automox agent creates a new local service account to install macOS patches. 

A service account login prompt appears on the device when the agent is installed (or updated to version 33 or later).

One-time Action Required for M1 Devices

For Apple Silicon devices, Automox creates a local account that needs to be granted secure token rights by an existing secure token enabled account.

  • When the agent is installed on your device, you will be prompted to enter your local user password:

This is a one-time action. After you enter your password, the Automox service account is granted secure token access to install current and future macOS patches.

If you ignore or dismiss the prompt, you will continue to be prompted every time the device is scanned by the agent (minimum every 24 hours).

The agent update affects all Mac devices, including Intel and Apple Silicon. The new Automox service account and user prompt only applies to Apple Silicon devices.

Automox Service Account for Apple Silicon (M1) Devices

For Apple Silicon/M1 Mac devices only, the Automox agent creates a local service account and generates a password for the account.

Account Name

For Apple Silicon/M1 Mac devices only, the Automox agent creates a local service account:

  • Short name: _automoxserviceaccount
  • Long name: Automox Service Account

These names are used on the pre-boot screen and in the user accounts table. The agent does not create a service account for Intel Macs.

Account Password

When the Automox agent creates the account, the agent also generates a password for the account.

The randomly generated password is a minimum of 32 characters long, including alphanumeric characters and special characters.

Password Security

The service account password is randomly generated and is unique to that device. No two devices have the same password.

Automox encrypts the password and stores it locally on the device. No credentials are stored in the Automox cloud; the password never leaves the device.

Password Rotation

Automox rotates the password every reboot and also when the password is used.

Newly generated passwords remain unique to each device.

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