How Does Automox Detect Packages With Pending Updates on Linux-based Operating Systems?

Due to the inherent complexity of identifying updateable packages across multiple operating systems, it is not uncommon to question how exactly Automox accomplishes this. In a nutshell, Automox utilizes the built-in package management systems of each operating system to identify which packages are installed, and which ones are available to update.

To identify pending patches on the Linux operating system, Automox issues a unique command to a target device depending on the version of Linux that is being run. Because there are often multiple methods of identifying updatable packages—and different methods can produce different pending patch counts—the methodology and commands used to determine pending patches for each operating system have been outlined here.

Amazon Linux

repoquery --pkgnarrow=updates -a 

Ubuntu / Debian

aptitude search ~U 


dnf check-update 


zypper list-updates -t package 


repoquery --plugins --pkgnarrow=updates -a