Device Targeting with Filters

Device targeting allows you to execute policies on a filtered collection of devices regardless of what group the devices are in. All policy types and worklets can be configured to use device filtering.

Creating a Device Filter on a Policy 

You can apply filters on new and existing policies or worklets to target devices. It is possible to add up to 10 filters per policy and 10 values per attribute. For details about creating a policy or worklet, see Managing Policies.

  1. From the Create or Edit Policy page, use the toggle to turn on Device Targeting.

  2. From the Select Attribute drop-down menu, select the filter you want to use. (For example: Device Tag, IP Address, Hostname, or OS).

  3. Select from the options available in the Select Condition field. The options available depend on the filter selected.

  4. Use the Select Option menu to enter the options related to the filter. You can select a maximum of 10 options.

  5. Click Preview Impacted Devices to retrieve a list of all devices that will be included in the policy.

  6. If you are creating a new policy or worklet, you must set a schedule and configure user notifications. Click Create Policy.

  7. If you are editing a policy or worklet, click Save Policy.

Filters and their values

You can create up to 10 filters and apply up to 10 options per filter. Each filter row uses an "And" operation. These narrow down the results to fit all filters. The values set within the Options field use an "Or" operation. 

Example 1:

A single filter (row) with multiple values will target any device with option 1 or option 2, or both. 

The impacted devices include at least one of the options. Therefore, in this example, the tags "east" and "accounts" include other values and all devices with these tags are impacted.

Example 2:

Separate filters (rows) are an "And" condition. In this example, both "east" and "accounts" are valid, however, "south" is not included. 

The impacted devices now reflect the conditions required for all filters. 

Other filter examples

Use the Hostname to target devices. You can use partial name searches to gather the list of devices that you want to apply a policy to.

The result of this will show all devices that have a Hostname with the value "desktop":

Apply "partial" searches to other filter options, for example, you can target IP Addresses within a subnet.

Viewing and Searching for Policies with Device Targeting

You can see if the device filter is configured for the policy from the Policies page. 

  • Use the search field to find the new or updated policy to ensure that device targeting filters are switched on. 

  • You can also sort the list of policies by the Has Device Filters column. 

Deleting a Device Filter

To delete an existing device filter in a policy or worklet, go to Device Targeting on the Edit page.

  1. Click the delete  button to remove the device filter.

  2. Click Save Policy.

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