Deploy Automox through CrowdStrike Falcon [Windows only]

This procedure explains how to deploy the Automox agent to your endpoints through the CrowdStrike Falcon console [Windows only].

From within the CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight console:

  1. Select All Apps located under CrowdStrike Store.

  2. Select Automox Endpoint Hardening to view the product page to install the app.

    3. On the product page, click Manage Updates to open the Windows Policies pane within the Falcon console.

    4. Select Create new policy. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new policy.

    5. The new policy displays on the All Policies page. Click the new policy to open the policy details page. Under Automox Software Version, select Install Software from the drop-down menu.

    This option allows you to automatically deploy Automox at scale to a select group or groups of endpoints with CrowdStrike Falcon installed.

    6. Click the Assigned Host Groups tab to open the Policy assignment pane.

    7. Choose which Group or Groups to add, then click Add Groups To Policy to commit the assignment for automated deployment of the Automox agent.

    8. Enable the policy to start the process.

    The deployment will be handled through CrowdStrike Falcon and the endpoints will be listed in the Automox console after installation.