Automox in the CrowdStrike Store Overview and Integration Steps

Integration Overview:

Automox and CrowdStrike offer their customers a key advantage when it comes to vulnerability, threat detection, and patch management. Joint customers can take advantage of Falcon policies to deploy the latest version of the Automox agent to hosts in their environments (limited to Windows only currently). Additionally, Automox will be offering the ability to schedule CVEs for remediation from CrowdStrike Spotlight directly to the Automox console (June 2021). This functionality will continue to be improved, and will greatly decrease the time it takes to eliminate vulnerabilities on your hosts.  

How to link your Automox organization to your CrowdStrike Account: 

If you have an existing Automox organization (if not, skip to next step):  

  • First, sign in to the Automox organization that you wish to tie to your Crowdstrike account. Ensure that your user has Full-Administrator permissions for this organization. Finally, make sure that your user/email address is also the same one that you use to sign into Crowdstrike's Falcon platform. This is what is used to find your existing organization. That may mean that you'll need to invite yourself or a colleague to your existing Automox organization (whomever has the CrowdStrike log-in).  

From within the CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight console:

  • In a separate tab, sign in to your Falcon instance and ensure that your user has Falcon Administrator permissions.
  • Select Partner Apps located under CrowdStrike Store.

  • Select Automox Endpoint Hardening and click "Try for Free". (Note: if you are a current subscriber of Automox, the trial will not apply. If you are in trial with CrowdStrike, it will not impact your trial.)
    • Trial periods for CrowdStrike are 45-days - Automox will honor that entire 45-day window if you are also in trial with Automox.
  • Within moments, you should receive an email at the address that is associated with your CrowdStrike account. Remember, this email address should also be set to Full-Administrator in the Automox console. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find the email. It is time-sensitive (7 days).
  • If you have an Automox organization already and your email address across both platforms is recognized with the correct permissions, you will be asked to select the organization to link. If this is your first time using Automox, you will be prompted to set up a new organization.  
    • Note:  It is imperative that when you click the hyperlink in the email, you finish the linking process without exiting the browser.  
    • Note: You are only able to link one Automox organization to a CrowdStrike account at this time.
  • The Automox Endpoint Hardening app in the CrowdStrike store should now be set to 'Trial in progress' 

Please see our FAQ section or reach out to us at if you're having issues. Be sure to include your user email address used for the CrowdStrike/Automox link, your CrowdStrike Customer ID (CID), your Automox Organization ID and a brief description of the problem you're encountering.

How to deploy the Automox agent through CrowdStrike Falcon policies (Windows Only):

  1. On the product page, click Manage Updates to open the Windows Policies pane within the Falcon console.

  2. Select Create new policy. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new policy.

  3. The new policy displays on the All Policies page. Click the new policy to open the policy details page. Under Automox Software Version, select Install Software from the drop-down menu.  Make sure to Save that selection immediately after selecting the version. 

    This option allows you to automatically deploy Automox at scale to a select group or groups of endpoints with CrowdStrike Falcon installed.

  4. Choose which Group or Groups to add, then click Add Groups To Policy to commit the assignment for automated deployment of the Automox agent.
  5. Enable the policy to start the process.
    The deployment will be handled through CrowdStrike Falcon and the endpoints will be listed in the Automox console after installation.