Third-Party Software Support



In addition to patching the endpoint operating system, Automox natively patches a rapidly expanding catalog of third party software.

The following table lists the third-party software we patch. Check back often as we’re regularly adding to this list:


Software Title  Mac Win  Linux
Adobe Acrobat Reader  Yes Yes  NA
Adobe Air Yes Yes  NA
Adobe Flash Yes Yes  NA
Adobe Shockwave Yes Yes  NA
Google Chrome Yes Yes  Yes
Java Yes Yes  NA
MS Office MSI Yes NA NA
MS Office 365 Yes Yes  NA
Mozilla Firefox Yes Yes  Yes
Mozilla Firefox ESR Yes Yes  Yes
Mozilla Seamonkey Yes Yes  Yes
Mozilla Thunderbird Yes Yes  Yes
Opera Yes Yes  Yes
Slack Yes Yes  Yes


We do not cache packages for the Linux operating system, we can only patch third-party software if the application was installed with the device’s package manager.

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