Allman 1 Release - 06-22-2018


Planned release for 6-22-2018


  • Windows Patch Classification available for all users
  • Improvements to Windows reboot notifications
  • WSUS update server is correctly reflected in the compatibility checklist
  • Improved Office 2013 and Office365 patching reliability


  • Layout bugs in Safari resolved


  • Linux Smart Reboot improvements

General Enhancements

  • Ignoring/deferring software no longer generates an error
  • Performance improvements for Devices and Dashboard page loading
  • Devices listed in the console now show their private IP address in the listing, and both public and private addresses in Device Details
  • Devices:Disconnected filter now works
  • Warning when a policy is created that cannot run due to scheduling
  • Required Software and Custom Policy options can now be disabled for your organization on request
  • Export devices to CSV option now works
  • Improved MSI handling for Required Software and Custom Policy
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    Jim Sutton

    Has this update been pushed to everyone? The all device screen still shows the public IP for us.

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    Gavin Matthews

    Hi Jim - we delayed this release a bit and are expecting it out today. Thanks!

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