Paul 1 Release - 05-10-2018



  • Missed patch windows generally available

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Resolved Java JRE versioning issues
    • Device search field performance enhancements
    • Device page filters persist through navigation
    • “Endpoints that need this software” filter in the Devices page now functions
    • Slack management updates
    • Slashes (/) now supported in software policies
    • Better error alerting and handling
    • Users invited into a multi-org environment will also have multi-org access
  • Windows
    • Windows errors are now human-readable
    • Resolved issue where Windows Package was showing as “Managed” even when already installed in one instance
    • Removed redundant Windows Definition packages
    • Packages from WindowsUpdateHistory are now marked managed
    • Windows “Exclusive” updates are automatically installed separately from other updates
    • Increased support for Microsoft Office 365 Business
    • Endpoints managed by WSUS are captured as part of the compatibility check
  • Mac
    • Resolved an issue where select Mac OSX supplemental packages would not update on restart
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