Can I Use Automox with a WSUS Server?


Automox interfaces with the Windows update application on the endpoint and can work with or without the WSUS server. If you like, you can install Automox, use it initially with your existing WSUS setup, and then point the endpoint back to Microsoft's repositories when you decide to remove WSUS from your network.

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    When Automox interfaces with a WSUS server, how are Remote clients outside the LAN with the Automox agent able to receive the updates approved on the WSUS server?  Is there a configuration or setup that needs to take place on the WSUS server in order to communicate with the Automox dashboard?

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    Joe Scharf

    In that scenario, you'd have to establish a VPN connection in to the LAN in order for the endpoint to access the internal WSUS resource. Using Automox in conjunction with WSUS serves two scenarios:

    1. Evaluating Automox as eventual replacement for a current WSUS install ( which would already mandate a VPN connection for remote endpoints)
    2. Using WSUS as caching server for Automox (but this wouldn't be useful if the endpoint is remote)
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