Release Notes


Release Notes for Week Ending 04/02/2021
Enhancements Change policy file links sent to the agent to use pre-signed URLs. The deduplication algorithm on the Activity Log report has been improved for both speed and accuracy, you should see fewer duplicates and a much more responsive inter...
Release Notes for Week Ending 03/26/2021
Bug Fixes The Device ID sort on the Devices page will now work as intended. Sorting by group name now works correctly, with the special case of the Default Group always being first by name. Users will see status of expired if a previously comple...
Release Notes for Week Ending 03/12/2021
Bug Fixes Resolved an issue with the Device ID sorting on the new Devices page.
Release Notes for Week Ending 03/05/2021
Enhancements A new or existing user invited to an organization is no longer automatically logged in on acceptance, they must log into an organization first. (03/05) Bug Fixes Worklets run with the Execute Now feature will only execute on the c...
Release Notes for Week Ending 02/19/2021
Enhancements In the console navigation bar's Help menu, a link to the Automox Community site was added (02/17)
Release Notes for Week Ending 01/29/2021
Enhancements A new design for the Device Details page Details available Here ...
Release Notes for Week Ending 01/15/2021
Enhancements Two Factor Authentication (2FA) can now be applied across an organization.   More information can be found here: Enforce Organization-Wide Two-factor Authentication Managing User Accounts and Two-factor Authentication Update...
Release Notes for Week Ending 01/08/2021
Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with the Activity Log Report that could sometimes limit results shown (1/8)