• Add ability to remove package filters on the devices page
  • The devices page will now keep track of pagination in the URL
  • New third party patching support for iTunes for Windows
  • The reports page has been given a cleaner, refreshed design  
  • Improved performance of Patch policy software search
  • Activity Log’s filtering has been improved. Two new pulldowns will allow you to narrow down your organization's activity by policy type or a specific policy. Further, you will have a dedicated search field for indicating which devices you wish to focus on. And finally, if you know the package name or KB for a patch, you can search within the details of an event. Saving the best for last: the search and sorting parameters are also being stored in the URL. You get a bookmark, you get a bookmark, everyone gets a bookmark! All sorting and filtering other than the “Search Details” field is done on the server, which means users can query the entire dataset without downloading unnecessary amounts of data. The “Search Details” field is still preserved in the URL, but is applied to the downloaded data on the client, after the other filters.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Allow horizontal scrolling of main table on smaller screen sizes for Software and Devices page
  • PrePatch report will no longer report unapproved patches
  • Fixed an IE11 button layout issue in the policy patch flow
  • Users can no longer send invitations to email addresses that already exist in the given organization. If they input such an email address, they will see an error message saying “A user with email "{input email}" already exists in this organization” in the Settings / User Accounts / Add User dialog.
  • Fixed datepicker formatting/functionality issues in modals when deferring updates in the device details view
  • Removed add policy/group links from various create and edit policy/group flows. The links were extraneous and resulted in lost unsaved changes
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect hover styling on table rows
  • Fixed a minor issue on manual policy creation flow - the package search field form was submitting on ‘Enter’ and causing a page redirect
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