It was a busy week at Automox! Here are all of the bug fixes and enhances we released this week: 


  • New 3rd Party Patching for Mac and Windows: Cyberduck, LibreOffice, KeePass
  • New 3rd Party Patching for Mac: SizeUp, The Unarchiver
  • New 3rd Party Patching for Windows: 7-Zip
  • Improved handling of Change Password errors in Settings page
  • Improved Reboot Notifications. When the option is selected within a policy, a reboot notification message will display to the end user with a 15 minute warning before their device will reboot. If they wish, they can close the notification work or Reboot Now if they’re ready for it. Learn more in this KB article.
  • The URL Search Parameters now match visual filters, sort columns, and sort direction on the software page
  • Improved the display of links within Console Alerts
  • Adding “Last Disconnected Device Time” column to Devices page (see below)

New Last Disconnected Device Time column: 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed bug with Next Patch Time sorting in Device Details in the Safari web browser
  • Fixed an issue that prevents patching to the latest version of Java 8
  • Updated Activity Log to correctly display non-zero status as Event Type error Added in user’s timezone to Event Time to reduce confusion

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