• Consistent modals in black theme throughout the application
  • Updated "Add Devices" screen with links to Automox Installation Overview
  • Updated Devices Page to should show whether or not a patch requires reboot so that users can determine which patches to deploy - and when
  • Improved performance of device pagination on the Group Editor page. Devices are now ordered by name

Bug Fixes: 

  • Separated policy assignment and policy execution functionality
  • Enhanced filter options for Patch All and Advanced filters
  • Removed non-working “Cancel” button on the billing page
  • Enhancements to Required Software and Custom Policy statuses
  • Fixed cut off Overview report PDF print view
  • Removed failed patch notification for Adobe Shockwave Player for Windows so that users can get to the known latest version
  • Remedied Pending Update Count
  • Create Group Page more performant in larger organizations
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