It’s important to keep in mind that if the Automox agent is part of your VM image build, those agents will check in as unique and become active when you spin up any temporary or test instances.  Billing for those instances will begin after the Automox agent has been actively checking in for more than 60 consecutive minutes. In order to avoid unintended overage charges on test or dormant VMs you can simply deregister the Automox agent(s) within the initial 60 minute usage window as described below:

Deregistering the Agent

Using the command line or terminal, run the following command corresponding to your operating system:


sudo /usr/local/bin/amagent --deregister


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Automox\amagent.exe" --deregister  


sudo /opt/amagent/amagent –-deregister

Agent re-registration happens automatically when you run this command again. If the device was listed on the Devices page of the console, the device entry is automatically updated with the new registration identity. If the device was previously deleted from the Devices page, deregistering the device adds it back to the list of devices being managed by Automox.

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