When you enable the manual approval process for a policy, you can conveniently approve and reject new patches from the Manual Approval category of the dashboard.

The basic manual patch approval process is as follows:

  1. Go to the System Management page to enable or disable the manual patch approval feature on a policy-by-policy basis.
    - Find the policy and select Edit Policy.
    - Set the Policy Status to On.
  2. If you have enabled the manual patch approval feature, from the Dashboard you can click the Manual Approval tile to view new patches that have been released for a device. The icons signify the OS family that the patch is part of.
  3. Click + to expand the details and view the policy applied and ensure this is the desired policy.
  4. Click Approve or Reject for each of the available patches. When you select Approve, the policy is applied. The device is then updated according to the schedule of the policy. When you select Reject, the patch is removed from the list. You can view the rejected patches from the Policy Scope section of the details page.

NOTE: If manual patch approval is disabled, new patches are automatically scheduled according to the patch policy and listed in the Pending Updates category.

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