This article is intended as an FAQ to assist users of the Intercom in-app messaging platform within the Automox console. For more information about the Intercom platform, please visit

Any questions you have that are not answered here, please reply to the conversation in the Intercom messenger this created with your questions and we will get back to you with an answer.

How do I submit a support request to Automox support?

There are a few ways that you can submit support requests to Automox support.  

  1. Use the new Intercom in-app messenger located at the bottom right-hand side of the Automox web console. All you need to do is click on the Intercom messenger, and click “New Conversation”. This will open up a new support request with Automox support. You can also search for Automox documentation and knowledge articles from the Messenger.                                                                      
  2. You can submit a request in the traditional way by sending an email to This is how legacy cases were submitted to us through ZenDesk and this will not change transitioning to Intercom.  Note: Emails will come in to Automox support as conversations, but can only be processed through email and not the Intercom messenger.

What is the difference between a support ticket and a conversation?

Think of a conversation and a support ticket as the same thing. After you start a new conversation within the messenger, it opens up a conversation that is then assigned to an Automox Support Engineer. The Support Engineer then works directly with you through the messenger while you are in the console. 

How do I see old conversations?

You can view old conversations by clicking on the Intercom messenger and then click “See All” next to Your Conversations. This will bring up a list of your old conversations with Automox Support.  Note: These will only be cases that have been opened through the messenger and not through email.

What happens to the cases I am actively working with Automox support?

These cases will be reopened as new cases inside of Intercom. There is no action you need to do on your end to make this happen. The assigned Support Engineer will open the new case and you will receive an email from with all of the case details as before. Just be on the lookout for that email, and you can continue working it through email as normal.  Note: No cases that were opened before the Intercom transition can be worked through the Intercom in-app messenger.   

What happens to cases that are currently in a "Pending" status?

Cases that are “Pending" are ones where Automox support is waiting for the user to respond to a support ticket. When the user responds to the original support ticket, a conversation is automatically triggered and opened in Intercom. Then the original support engineer self-assigns the ticket and the process continues normally.  The responses go through the same email string as before.  Note: these cases can only be worked through email and not through the Intercom in-app messenger.  

What happens to support tickets that are “on hold”?

Cases that are “on hold” are when a user is waiting for Automox engineering to take some action. This could be a fix in the product or a feature enhancement. A case is usually put in this status if the issue cannot be resolved in the short-term. Cases that are currently in this status are migrated to Intercom as a new case and put in a “Snoozed” status. When there is an update that engineering needs to provide to the user, we will send an email directly through the new case.

How can I get my old closed cases that were opened and closed before the Intercom switch?

All of these archived cases will be archived and maintained internally through Automox Support. You can obtain these by requesting them directly from Automox Support.

Can we turn off the Intercom in-app Messenger?

Currently, there is no way to disable the messenger app in the Automox console.

Where can I find Knowledge Base Articles and Product Documentation?

All of the Automox Product Documentation and Knowledge Base Articles can be found at You can also search for documents through the Intercom Messenger using keywords that describe your issue. Intercom also automatically suggests articles based on your responses in the Messenger conversations. 

Do I open up a new conversation for each unique issue I have?

Yes. You should open up a new conversation for each unique issue you have to avoid confusion and provide a more accurate response.

Will you be using this platform for more than just customer support?

Intercom has a number of cutting edge tools that allow us to create a closer relationship with our users and provide a world class user experience. We plan to use this messenger app to send out Announcements that are important to our users, such as critical security patch information and product changes. We will continue to evolve this platform with Automox over time.  


Can I use Emojis?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

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