From the Software page, you can view the following information:

Shows which OS this software is for.

Software Name
Name of the available software.

Endpoints that have software installed
Shows how many devices already have this software installed.

Endpoints that need this software
Shows how many devices that require this software.

This is the current status of the software for this device. Possible values:

  • Patch on schedule: This update will occur at the scheduled time.
  • Deferred: This patch has been deferred. 
  • Ignored: This patch was ignored for the current schedule. 

This drop-down menu allows you to take actions on the selected software. Possible actions:

  • Patch now: This overrides a schedule and immediately starts the software update.
  • Patch on schedule: The update occurs at the time scheduled in the policy.
  • Defer: This defers the software update until a specified date. 
  • Ignore: This ignores the next scheduled patch update.
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