Viewing Policies

You can view a list of all policies in your organization from the System Management page.

  • Use the Filter Policies field to search for a specific policy.
  • Click Unused Policies tile to toggle between all policies and the policies that are not assigned to any devices.

Creating a Policy

You can create new patch policies from the System Management page. Select the Create Policy button. You can create different types of policies, which are described here.

  1. Patch Policies: These patch some or all of the software that Automox natively supports. The following categories of patching are available: Patch All, Patch All Except, Patch Only, Manually Approve, and By Severity. 
  2. Required Software Policies: These policies are used to patch and install software that you designate.
  3. Worklets: Worklets can perform any scriptable action on devices, including disabling a vulnerable process, managing native OS controls, mass rollback of patches, removing unwanted applications, and many other system configurations. 

 These different types of patch policies are described in the following sections:

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