PREREQUISITES: You have Full Administrator or Billing Administrator privileges.

  • Go to Settings > Billing.

Billing Information

You can view and manage your company account details.

Click the Billing tab to edit the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

Your Automox Package

You can view and manage your current plan from the Billing tab. Here you can see if you are on a monthly or annual plan. See for details about the available plans.

Automox offers two types of monitoring plans that are available on a monthly or annual basis: Patch and Manage.

Upgrading Your Automox Package Plan

It is possible to change your plan from Patch to Manage. You can also decide to upgrade to the annual payment plan.

  • If you are on a monthly plan, click Compare Plans to see how you can save on your current plan.
  • To upgrade to an annual plan, select the Billing Cycle toggle and switch from Monthly to Annual.
  • If you have questions about upgrading your plan, contact us at
  • To save any changes, click Update Billing Settings.

Payment Methods

You can manage your credit card payment method here. You can only use one payment method at a time for your plan. Other options for payment, such as electronic transfer, are available as well. Please contact us about setting that up for you at

  1. Click Edit to update your credit card information.
  2. If you have a promotional code, enter it in the text field. 
  3. Click Update Billing Settings.

Current Billing Cycle

You can view details about how many devices are currently in your plan and when you will be billed.

Billing History

From the Billing History table you can manage your invoices. The following information is shown:

  • Invoice: This is the name of the invoice.
  • Date: The date that the invoice was billed.
  • Paid: This indicates if the payment has been fully collected or not.
  • Total: The total amount for this invoice.
  • Download: Click the icon to download a PDF of the invoice for your records.

If you have any billing questions, contact Automox Support.

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