After you follow Installing the Automox Agent, you will see the option to schedule patching. The patching schedule determines when patching updates should be performed on the device.

From the Create Policy page, follow these steps:

1. Toggle the Policy Status button to ensure automatic patching.

2. To set the Schedule, you can click Select All to automatically preselect all months, weeks, and days. You can then deselect any specific fields that do not apply to the schedule you want.

Optionally, if you do not want to use the Select All option, you can incrementally set the months, weeks, days, and time of when you want patching updates to run on the device(s). (Blue indicates the selection.)

  • From Select Months, click the months.
  • From Select Weeks, click the weeks. 
  • From Select Days, click the days of the week.

3. In the Choose Patch Window field, set the time that the update should start.

NOTE: Patching occurs at the selected time using the local timezone of the machine being patched.

4. Verify the settings in the Schedule Preview pane.
5. Complete any other options according to the policy you are creating.
6. Click Create Policy.

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