The following reports are available from the Reports page.

  • Overview Report
  • Non-Compliant Devices Report
  • Pre-patch Report
  • Activity Log

Overview Report

The overview report provides a summary of the state of devices in your organization. This includes the devices overview, history of patches applied, and outstanding patches by group.

Non-Compliant Devices Report

This report provides a list of devices that need attention. Any relevant information about the devices is listed here. This report can be run for all groups or individual groups.

Pre-patch Report

This report shows you a list of all pending patches per device. The severity and exposure information allows you to effectively assess any internal impact to your organization. This report can be run for all groups or an individual group.

Activity Log

The activity log tracks all automated and manual actions taken over a given period of time on the devices in your organization. Use the Actions button to export this information to a CSV file.

Using Search in the Activity Log

You can use the Search Reports field to find logs.

  1. Click the Search Reports field. A drop-down list pre-populates with possible search options.
  2. By entering a string, the list populates with matching entries. You can use multiple strings to narrow your search results.
  3. You can filter results using the date range drop-down list. Click Last 25 to fine-tune your search.
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